Our Process


Client Notes

Client Goals

Our Process:

Our first step is to establish a rapport, learn about your goals, and how we can assist you. We will compose a scope of work from our discussions and if examples of sketches, drawings or CAD files are available, they will be viewed and included in the scope. Collectively we will establish a schedule of creative time and your delivery needs. A proposal capturing the work effort and the job specifications will be sent to you for your consideration and approval. A contact person will be needed to answer questions as inevitably issues arise as the job unfolds.

 Once Approved:

If you have not already provided the working media, then to get started you would need to send physical sketches, drawings, DVD’s or e-mail CAD or PDF files. We will then begin work, following the specifications and the agreed upon scope of work.

Completion and Delivery:

Stack of Plots

Once the scope of work has been completed, we will provide according to the job specification, rendered D, C, or B size plots, CAD or PDF files sent as DVD’s or e-mailed back to your FTP site, VPN link, or e-mail-in box. The name of the updated file will be saved as a modified file name according to client specification with assurance the root file(s) can not be overwritten.

Confidentiality Policy:

We consider the services we provide to our clients be confidential. 

If it provides greater comfort for the client, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.