My Bio

George is a Systems Engineer with more than thirty years experience in designing, project managing, and maintaining music studios and television production and broadcast facilities. After working for several prestigious recording studios, Mercury Records, A+R Recording, and Automated Sound, George joined Home Box Office (HBO). He served as Director of Broadcast Systems Engineering NY and founded the Design & Installation, and CAD Drafting Groups. The two groups provided inside design build capability for the incredibly fast growing company.

The first major technical expansion of HBO was the construction of an uplink and play-out facility to become known as the HBO Communications Center located in Hauppauge, NY. George was a key participant in the coordination and relocation of Network Operations, and their move from the NY Studio to the new 24 hour broadcast facility in Hauppauge. Once relocated, the Net Ops space remaining at the Studio would be converted into additional post production capability. The infrastructure was modernized and new technology was added to fulfill HBO’s increasing post production needs.

George continued to oversee Design and Installation for the 100,000 square foot New York Facility. The New York Studio was modernized several times through each of the technology evolutions. Video tape format, analog to digital and linear to non linear editing. Nonlinear became the newest method of editing and a range of ingest and storage methods were utilized as file transfer and servers became the new way forward. The Studio was also upgraded with Digital Telecine Color Correction Suites, Paint and Graphics Systems, and The Production Studios were made HDTV ready, the Stages enlarged and modernized. The infrastructure was also upgraded as the new technology required quality power and expanded air conditioning.

As HBO continued its incredible growth and new launch successes, It became the go to company for modeling start ups. George, in addition to his NY Studio responsibilities, was asked to provide design criteria and broadcast A-V specifications, for startup cable television brands seeking the HBO successful model. George was also asked to oversee HBO’s own inside start ups under the International Group where several multi-million dollar design-build networks were planned: HBO Comedy Channel NY, E! Entertainment Los Angeles, HBO-Ole Caracas, HBO Asia Singapore, and others. George and his team developed the designs in NY and coordinated with sub contracted integrators in each location. All of the projects were completed on time, on budget and their successful brands remain in operation today.

George joined the Facilities Engineering Group at the HBO Communications Center. He was given the assignment to provide management assistance to Building Engineering and to provide design criteria for a new 12,000 square foot relocation space in NY. The new facility would provide the re-location of the Media QC Group to be remote located via a dark fiber link connection to the NY Production Studio. A Back-up Data Center node between all HBO facilities was also planned at the Madison Avenue location. George provided the infrastructure design criteria, electrical mechanical specifications, assisted the IT Group with equipment installation and project management during assembly.

Shortly after the Madison Avenue project was completed, a new assignment for an 80,000 square foot expansion completely under ground, green roof, Data Center was planned for the Hauppauge Facility. George was asked to participate in developing the expanded data center’s design criteria, electrical mechanical specifications and provide drawing and site review. The expansion would provide new space for short and long Data Storage for On Air, and to grow digital media products modeling HBO’s, On Demand, and the new internet service, HBO GO. The project was successfully completed within a two year program, and technology is now beginning to be populated in the new Data Center.

For almost 40 years George has fulfilled the technology goals for the companies he has worked for. He has also guided the careers of many who have gone on to their own personal successes. In 2010, George departed from HBO to create his own GB Consulting fulfilling his own goal, offering outsourced AutoCAD drafting and Systems Engineering and Design for Systems Integrators and Broadcasters.

George is a member of SMPTE, AES, and holds an AAS in Electrical Technology from SUNY.