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My Resume:


AV Engineer seeks employers desiring part time or contracted AV systems design, Smart AutoCAD drawing creation, or AutoCAD drafting.


AV Systems Engineer having in-depth experience with AV / IT design, documentation and integration of broadcast, data center, conference room, and other media facilities. Sub System designs include, servers, routers, data storage, displays, cameras, editors, codecs, and others. An in depth knowledge of AV / IT equipment details, assuring coordinated AV integration, linked with network and GUI solutions. Easy going client rapport, ability to capture goals, create a project scope and advance initial sketches for team development. Advanced AutoCAD user, creating smart drawings embedding wiring info rendered to custom schedules for BOM export. Extensive experience as project manager; overseeing deliverables and commenting on contributing staff engineer’s AV designs, and contracted Architects and Consulting Engineers submittals. Exceptional understanding of studio acoustics, architecture, and MEP quality infrastructure practices. A stickler for adherence to engineering standards. Presently providing contracted AV consulting, design development and CAD drafting, serving Systems Integrators and AV Contractors.

 Technical Skills 

  • • AutoCAD 2d/3d design + data extraction skills. Media, Scrn. Room design.
  • • Visio, Project, Office + other applications.
  • • Quality power, gen. set + UPS specifications
  • • Hand sketch, block + flow diagram creations.
  • •.Equip Rack, hot aisle, cold aisle strategy.
  • • AV and IT systems design. • Conference,
  • • Studio space planning and optimization.
  • • Electronic component level proficiency.


 Professional Experience:

2010-Present –  GB Consulting/GB Drafting Service 75-37 Kessel St Forest Hills, N.Y.

 AV Engineer / AutoCAD Drafter

  • Provide client liaison offering AV/IT systems design, CAD drafting and documentation.
  • Assist client in developing tech design criteria /verbal direction, sketch, BOM, SOW, RFP
  • Create tech floor plan strategies with equipment, rack locations and wiring details.
  • Develop console layouts and rack elevations showing equipment and wiring details.
  • Provide details for electrical, lighting, data tele equipment power consumption.
  • Create new, or update functional drawings and rack elevations with the latest details.
  • Provide if requested, a wiring audit and update archive CAD drawings, and wire lists.
  • Develop new CAD blocks from new equipment installed for clients drawing library.
  • Develop “Smart Drawings” in AutoCAD utilizing blocks and the attribute extract feature.

1977- 2010 –  Home Box Office (HBO) 120-A East 23rd Street, New York, N.Y.

Director of Broadcast Systems Engineering

  • Responsible for tech plant AV / IT facilities, the housing, install + doc of all tech equip.
  • Responsible for staff engineer’s and CAD drafting group’s work schedules.
  • Experienced with digital AV for video server +archive sys support file based editing.
  • Installed servers, data routers + digital video encoding, transcoding systems for AV
  • Provided conceptual design, block diag+equip specs for staffers to develop detail dwg
  • Develop AutoCAD attribute extraction creating smart drawings/embedded data.
  • Expanded above techniques to create equip, wire lists, jackfield +other extracted data.
  • Created graphics and control programming for Creston GUI replacing OEM Routing Pnl
  • Integrated other environment control ie: ltg, thermostat, AV mon select into Creston.
  • Oversaw structural team, tasked w/ remove 2 columns in Production Studio
  • Replaced, above columns with supporting truss above to carry building live load.
  • Provided design criteria with Architects, Engineers, Contractor and Landlord approvals.
  • Provided details for elect, studio ltg, HVAC, data tele, pwr UPS and qual power.
  • Audited elect infrastructure /service to panel boards throughout facility.
  • Created single line drawing to reflect findings above.
  • Oversaw electricians, add a 1000A switch to base building service.
  • Retrofitted UPS; re-arranged tech pwr feeders, performed live, to improve pwr quality.

      Special assignment 1990:   The New E! Facility and HBO International expansion. 

  • Enlisted serve on search committee to find suitable properties for new HBO sites.
  • Provided specs for pwr, HVAC, under floor, layouts, acoustics + studio details.
  • New facilities provided in Los Angeles, Europe, South America, Asia.
  • Coordinated between client stakeholders, landlord, architects + consultants.
  • Employed local Integrators to build facilities/designs+drawings crated by NY Office.

      Special assignment 1982:   Assist in new facility site search:   New Satellite Uplink.

  • HBO Management announces: a satellite uplink is planned!
  • The words below do not convey the enormous amount of work that occurred.
  • Enlisted to serve on search committee to find suitable properties for new HBO Uplink.
  • The courage of a great mgmt+the dedication of an incredible group of people created:
  • The HBO Communication Center.
  • Recruited: To assist above design team with project criteria. Provided: Liaison,
  • created custom solutions and managed NY field shop.
  • Oversaw a team of engineers and techs fabricating pre assembled:
  • Cable assemblies, custom switches, panels, boxes, etc., for the above.
  • Assisted with move of the network, transitioned each feed, one by one transplanting
  • equipment from NY Studio to the Hauppauge Facility.
  • Re-Assigned : After the above transition;
  • Oversaw modernization of the NY Studios network residue, in to new post facilities.
  • Developed design criteria for staff AV Engineers, Architect, MEP Engineers.
  • Provided above submittals to Landlord for approvals.


2007-2010 – HBO Communications Center (HBO) 300 New Highway,Hauppauge NY

 Manager Engineering

  • Recruited from NY office to oversee design criteria+and doc review of 2 new Data Ctrs.
  • Provided specs for IT and Broadcast Power, HVAC, under floor details, and BTU calcs.
  • Oversaw New (Bldg. 3) 45,000 sq. ft. – 105 Mad Ave Quality Control + Data Ctr. design.
  • Provided Rack Layout, cable routes, IT net+ details for Sun servers+ deep tape storage.
  • Oversaw (Bldg1) 200,000 sq tech facility and mods to retrofit new (Bldg2) Data Ctr.
  • Oversaw New (Bldg2) 80,000 sq.Data Center physical and tech design + construction.
  • Coordinated install criteria for multiple Hitachi 9990, Sun6900,SL8500 IBM8100+others.
  • Programmed Stamp + Coyote microcontrollers for custom plant apps in broadcast net.
  • Chaired FM Global Risk Assessment negotiations +oversaw infrastructure corrections.
  • Negotiated outside vendor service contracts and schedule service visits for:
  • Gen Set, ATS, UPS Battery and Control Systems.
  • Created day by day AutoCAD Drawings for newly created CAD and doc library.
  • Interpreted archive hand drawings and blue prints to AutoCAD files for new library.

1976-1977 Automated Sound Studios   1500 Broadway New York, N.Y.

Chief Engineer

  • Recruited by sponsors to oversee technical design criteria.
  • Reviewed and coordinated construction documents and monitor the studio assb.
  • Provided specification for Acoustics, Power, HVAC, lighting, and other studio criteria.
  • Specified the purchase of studio equipment, 2 24T Neve Record and Mix Desks
  • Specified 2 24T Studer Multitrack, and support 4T,2T Atr.
  • Designed facility wiring strategy, oversaw the equipment installation and startups.
  • Oversaw staff technicians work schedules, training and assignments

1974-1976  A&R Recording Studios  799 7th Avenue New York, N.Y.

Chief Engineer

  • Special assignments to Phil Ramone’s sessions, assisted as dedicated maint engineer
  • Assisted on many Grammy Winning Albums.
  • Responsible for studio technology upgrades and maintenance, reporting to owners.
  • Total retrofit and install of new multi-channel recording + mixing console for Studio A1
  • Instituted upgrade and repair program for all 799 and 422 ATR’s in plant.
  • Oversaw staff technicians work schedules, training and assignments.

1971-1974  Mercury Records (A Philips Company) 110 West 57 St.  New York,N.Y.

Studio Engineer

  • Reporting to John Eargle / Chief Engineer and President of AES.
  • Assisted on many quad sound development projects.
  • Responsible for studio equipment and special setups for sessions.
  • Maintained studio equip, providing upgrades, routine maint +component level repairs.
  • Provided equipment installation for office systems for A+R and Classical Departments.


Key Achievements:

1975   Automated Sound       12,000 sq     Music Studios            $8M       New York
1983   HBO Comm Center    100,000 sq    Broadcast-Satellite   $55M    Hauppauge.
1983   Home Box Office         15,000 sq     TV Production            $25M    New York.
1990   E! Entertainment TV    85,000 sq     Broadcast / Prod      $35M    Los Angeles.
1991   HBO-Ole TV Studios    95,000 sq     Broadcast / Prod      $24M    Caracas.
1992   HBO Asia TV Studios   60,000 sq     Broadcast / Prod      $18M    Singapore.
1999   Home Box Office          15,000 sq     TV Production           $12M    New York.
2008   Home Box Office          45,000 sq    Scrn Rms+DataCtr    $10M    New York.
2009   HBO Comm Center      80,000 sq     Data Center (exp)    $28M    Hauppauge


Education and Training:


  • AAS Electrical Technology SUNY
  • Autodesk Buzzsaw
  • Crestron Programming
  • A+ Training
  • AutoCAD Version 13
  • Network+ Training
  • Ampex Digital School
  • Microsoft Office Suite



  • 2000 – 2005       West Side Tennis Club           Board of Directors      Club Captain     
  • Oversight of Grounds, Tournaments, Tennis Pros
  • 1980 – 1982       Riverview Condominiums     Board of Directors      President            
  • Condominium management


  •  Tennis
  •  Internet
  •  Computers
  •  Streaming
  •  Programming
  •  Music
  •  Theater