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Design:  Data Centers, IT MDF/IDF Planning, Equipment Location, Vertical and Horizontal Wiring, Distribution, TV Editing Suites, Broadcast Facilities, Announce Booths, Sound Studios, Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, AV Furniture and others!.

CAD Creations: Floor Plans, Elevations, AV Functional Drawings, MEP Single Lines, HVAC Calcs and Ventilation Strategy, Telecom, AV Risers, Speaker Placement, Acoustical Strategy, and others!

We will create a new drawing or match into your existing drawing transparently.

A Drawing portfolio us under the BROADCAST,  ELECT-MECH  AUD VID tabs above.

Summary of Services:

GB Consulting and the Web Site GB Drafting Services  was formed with a vision to offer outsourced AutoCAD design and drafting services as a resource to Design Professionals. The Internet has made it possible to have a virtual back office partner to assist in the design development of a project.  I can also capture the all important on-going updates that occur in every facility. I also can track your modifications and keep your documentation up to date. I also can assist you when you are just too backed up to meet your dead lines.

There is always an urgency to to do alterations and also get new equipment installed;  however, there never seems to be enough time to update the associated documentation.

We can take care of that for you!    One day it’s a scribble on a napkin; and the next it can be a detailed drawing posted on your server.


Please browse around the site, we have generic drawing samples, methods and ideas.

If we can assist you with an issue or if you have a question, feel free to ask!

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